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Thermoluminescent dosimetry reading system

Individual (personal) radiation exposure monitoring. Suitable for personnel of nuclear power plants, research laboratories, clinics of nuclear medicine and oncology hospitals.
Environmental monitoring in the field, in occupational areas, industrial objects and other facilities related to the use of radioactive substances and the sources of ionizing radiation.
DOZA-TLD reader with DVG software and a combination of TLD dosimeters forms a thermoluminescent dosimetry monitoring system (TLD-system).

Measurement of:

  • personal (individual) dose equivalent Hр(10) of photon radiation;
  • personal dose equivalent Hр(10) of neutron radiation;
  • personal dose equivalent Hp(0.07) of photon and beta radiation for skin, also referred to as shallow dose equivalent or surface dose equivalent;
  • personal dose equivalent Hp(3) of photon and beta radiation for eye lens;
  • ambient dose equivalent H*(10) of photon radiation.


Relatively low cost in comparison with fully automatic TLD-readers.
Easy operation by personnel of any qualification.
Perfect solution for processing of reasonable amount of TLD-dosimeters per shift (up to 100).


Tabletop design for use in radiological laboratory of nuclear or medical facility.
Manual TLD detectors loading/unloading.
Automatic detectors heating and reading (measuring).
Connection to PC using USB interface.
DVG software to control the TLD-reader operation via connected PC and to maintain the dosimeters database and archive of measurements. 

Scope of supply:

  • DOZA-TLD reader
  • Base plates for TLD detector (TLD chip) heating
  • Seat inserts (TLD chip liners)
  • TLD chip annealing planchet (aluminum, for all types of TLD dosimeters except DTU-2)
  • DVG software
  • A choice of TLD dosimeters: TLD-3, DTL-02, DVNG-M, DTU-1, DTU-2, Finger Ring Type G, Finger Ring Type BG, EYE-D

Options on request:

  • Personal computer (PC) to install the DVG software
  • TLD chip annealing planchet (steel, for DTU-2 dosimeters)
  • Muffle furnace for annealing of TLD chips
  • Barcode reader
  • Tool for dosimeters assembling/disassembling (for TLD dosimeters type DTL-02, Finger Ring, EYE-D)
  • Cartridge for TLD chips irradiation 

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