NPP Doza is a recognized distributor and supplier of global manufacturers of quality control equipment for medical products. For a number of manufacturers, we are exclusive distributors or representatives in Russia and the CIS. Our partners and their products are known and used all over the world!

"RTI Electronics AB is a world-famous company that manufactures and supplies equipment for monitoring the parameters of X-ray devices, including mammographs, tomographs, dental devices, etc.
NPP Doza has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with RTI Electronics AB for the sale of equipment for monitoring the characteristics of RTI X-ray machines. The agreement is valid in Russia and the CIS countries.    The equipment supplied by us from "RTI Electronics AB" can be viewed in the section "Radiation monitoring in medicine".

Gammex, Inc. is a leading global manufacturer of means for monitoring the technical and diagnostic characteristics of ultrasound and X-ray medical equipment
NPP Doza received the status of exclusive sales representative of Gammex, Inc. (USA) in the field of phantoms and test objects in the Russian Federation and CIS countries. In accordance with the signed document, NPP Doza supplies phantoms and test objects produced by Gammex, Inc., USA for quality assurance and control:
  • ultrasound diagnostic devices, including Doppler systems, X-ray diagnostic and mammography devices,
  • in radiation therapy.
In addition to supplies and warranty service QA/QC of phantoms and test objects, NPP Doza provides technical, methodological and other necessary support.

Computerized Imaging Reference Systems(USA) is one of the world's largest manufacturers of equipment for quality assurance and quality control of X-ray machines.
NPP "Doza" has the status of an official distributor of the entire range of equipment produced CIRS. NPP Doza provides the full range of necessary support: translation and adaptation of documentation to Russian standards, information and technical support, advertising and supplies.

NPP Doza has the status of an official exclusive dealer Supertech Inc.  is one of the world's leading test suppliers -objects and phantoms for quality control and assurance in X-ray radiology and nuclear medicine.
NPP Doza performs all necessary activities in Russia and the CIS for information and technical support for Supertech Inc. products. in full, including warranty service, and across the entire range.

Research and Production Enterprise "Dose" is the official supplier of the world's largest manufacturer of anthropomorphic training and demonstration phantoms for all areas of medicine Kyoto Kagaku Co. Ltd.
On the website of NPP "Dose" only part of the product range is presented Kyoto Kagaku Co. Ltd (Japan), related to radiology and ultrasound diagnostics. However, any product from Kyoto Kagaku Co. Ltd can be purchased from NPP Doza with all the necessary information and technical support, including warranty service.

IBA Dosimetry GmbH (Germany) is one of the most famous European manufacturers of dosimetry and control equipment for radiology and nuclear medicine in Russia.
NPP Doza is the official representative of IBA Dosimetry in Russia and the CIS for the supply of quality control equipment for X-ray diagnostics, providing a full range of information and technical support.

Metrolab Technology is the global market leader in precision magnetometers. Metrolab's products include NMR magnetometers, 3-axis magnetometers, accelerator digital integrators, and other instruments. This equipment is indispensable in the production and control of MRI, on linear accelerators, and for solving other problems in medicine, science and instrument making.
NPP Doza LLC is the official representative and distributor of Metrolab Technology SA in Russia, Georgia and the CIS.

Datarend Systems Inc. is a Canadian biomedical engineering company specializing in equipment and solutions for quality control and testing of medical devices.
Founded in 1991, the company today supplies its products throughout the world. The dealer network covers more than 50 countries.
NPP Doza LLC is the representative and exclusive distributor of Datrend Systems Inc in the CIS and post-Soviet countries:
  • Russia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Armenia
  • Belarus
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Tajikistan
  • Uzbekistan
  • Turkmenistan

Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. is a world-famous manufacturer of innovative equipment for performing a wide range of tasks in the field of rehabilitation medicine, as well as nuclear medicine.
NPP Doza is the official distributor of Biodex Medical Systems, Inc. (USA) in the field of equipment for nuclear medicine.

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