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Mobile Radiological Laboratory

The fully autonomous laboratory to solve a complex of radiation monitoring tasks. It is produced on the basis of a van type vehicle to monitor the land. At special request it can be also supplied on the basis of a boat to monitor coastal areas. The mobile laboratories can be used by radiation safety departments of nuclear facilities, Rapid Response team, Disease Control and Prevention service, calibration laboratories etc.


  • detection and localization of radioactive sources and contamination;
  • mapping the boundaries of contaminated territories;
  • determination of characteristics of radioactive contamination;
  • sampling and rapid analysis of soil, water and air samples;
  • calibration of instrumentation at the stationary monitoring points.


(according to the end user requirements)

  • van type vehicle or boat 
  • autonomous power supply system consisting of:
    • voltage converter 12/220 V;
    • external weatherproof gland (to connect with uninterruptible power supplies);
    • petrol/diesel power generator (for field applications);
    • laboratory power system. 
  • autonomous life-support system:
    • intake and exhaust ventilation system;
    • additional heater;
    • air conditioner.
  • operator's workplace:
    • laboratory desk;
    • cabinet with shelves;
    • racks;
    • armchair;
    • locker.
  • instrumentation:
    • The gamma-survey system "Gamma-sensor";
    • portable scintillation gamma- (beta-) spectrometer;
    • personal dosimeters;
    • survey radiometer;
    • dosimeter / survey meter;
    • radon monitor;
    • air sampler, water sampler, soil sampler;
    • portable calibration unit.

Additional equipment

  • radio station;
  • personal protection kit;
  • means of degassing and decontamination;
  • set of tools.

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