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Gamma-survey system

The system is designed for gamma-survey of the certain area and is usually a part of the mobile radiological laboratory


Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation during radiation surveillance and operational monitoring of radioactive contamination.


  • detection and localization of radioactive sources and contamination;
  • database recording of dose rate, spectral composition of radioactive contamination, date and time with a reference to geographical coordinates using a satellite positioning system;
  • automatic audible and visual alarm if dose rate thresholds are exceeded;
  • software "Sensor";
  • identification of nuclide composition of radiation source and determination of the contribution of each nuclide to the ambient dose equivalent rate measurement result;
  • integration of the software "Sensor" with the ERMS Workstation installed it the main control room.


  • detector units BDEG, DBG;
  • mounting kit for detector units;
  • reference source;
  • satellite positioning system;
  • laptop or table-top PC with a holder (for use inside a vehicle);
  • software "Sensor".

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