Procedure of publication of articles

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Procedure of publication of articles


The author's material (article manuscript) proposed for publication must be original, previously unpublished in other printed publications and thematically correspond to the profile of the journal. A decision on thematic inconsistency can be made by the Editorial Board of the journal without special review and justification of the reasons. The author of the material is responsible for the reliability of information, accuracy of citations and links to official documents and other sources.

Authors submit their articles by e-mail to to the editor-in-chief and in paper form to the editorial office. The paper version must be signed by all authors of the article (on the last page of the article). The author's material is presented as a file in MS Word format.

The application and article materials must meet the requirements established by the editors: pravila.pdf and include profiles of all authors. 

The editors carry out reviewing, necessary scientific and stylistic editing of all materials published in the “Scientific Articles” section of the journal.

Receiving an application

All information about received articles is recorded in the journal of received manuscripts.

After receiving the application, within two weeks, the editor-in-chief of the journal determines the article’s compliance with the journal’s profile and formatting requirements. Materials that do not meet these conditions are returned to the authors, indicating the reasons for refusal to accept manuscripts.

Materials that meet these conditions are sent for review to members of the journal's editorial board or external reviewers.

Not reviewed:

  • articles recommended for publication by RNRRZ (Russian National Commission on Radiation Protection);
  • articles where the author (co-author) is a member of the editorial board or an IAEA expert.


The decision on publication is made by the editorial board of the journal on the basis of reviews containing expert assessments of the reviewers, taking into account the compliance of the presented materials with the thematic focus of the scientific journal, their scientific significance and relevance.

The editors of the journal involve leading scientists in the relevant field to review manuscripts submitted for publication. Reviewers can be members of the journal's editorial board, as well as highly qualified specialists in the relevant field. The author's supervisor cannot be involved in the review.

The manuscript is submitted to the reviewer in electronic form. The reviewer is also notified that the manuscript sent to him for review is subject to copyright and relates to information that is not subject to disclosure before its publication. Reviewers are not allowed to make copies of the manuscript and transfer it to third parties.

The review preparation period is set by agreement with the reviewer, but cannot exceed four weeks from the date the manuscript is received by the reviewer. The reviewer has the right to refuse to review within one week from the date of receipt of the manuscript and notify the journal's editorial board in writing.

The editors of the publication send copies of reviews or a reasoned refusal to the authors of the submitted materials, and also undertake to send copies of reviews to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon receipt of a corresponding request by the editors of the publication. Reviews are stored in the editorial office of the journal for 5 years.

Based on the results of the review, the article can be:
  • a) rejected;
    In case of refusal to publish an article, the editors send a reasoned refusal to the author.
    The following are not allowed for publication: articles that are not prepared in accordance with the requirements of the editors, the authors of which refuse to technically refine the articles; articles whose authors do not comply with the reviewer’s constructive comments or do not refute them with reason.
    In case of disagreement with the reviewer's opinion, the author of the article has the right to provide a reasoned response to the editorial board of the journal. By decision of the editorial board, the article may be sent for re-review to another specialist.
    If there are two negative reviews, the author is sent a reasoned refusal to publish the work, certified by the editor-in-chief or his deputy.
  • b) returned to the author for revision;
    An article accepted for publication, but in need of revision, is sent to the authors with comments from the reviewer and editor. The authors must make all necessary corrections to the final version of the manuscript and return the corrected text to the editor. After revision, the article is re-reviewed by the same reviewer who made the critical comments, and the editors make a decision on the possibility of publication. Articles sent to authors for correction must be returned to the editor no later than 7 calendar days after receipt. Returning an article at a later date will change the publication date.
  • c) accepted for publication;
    The presence of a positive review is not a sufficient basis for publishing an article. The final decision on accepting the author's article and publishing it in one of the issues of a scientific journal is made by the editorial board of the journal.
    The editors have the right to make abbreviations and editorial changes to the text of manuscripts, including literary corrections, in coordination with the author of the changes made in the text. Before the publication of the printed version of the journal, authors are sent an electronic copy of the layout of their articles in PDF format for proofreading.
    The maximum review period (including repeated and additional reviews) is three months from the date of receipt of the manuscript by the editor.


Review of scientific articles, their review, processing and publication, including assignment of DOI and placement in the e-library, are carried out strictly free of charge.

Metadata about the publication is transferred to the RSCI immediately after publication.

After publication, upon request, the author can receive a free PDF file of his article. Two copies of the paper issue of the journal in which the author’s article was published are sent free of charge to the author at the address indicated by him.

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