Products Low activity radiometers Alpha/beta radiometer UMF-2000 for low level activity measurements


Alpha/beta radiometer for low level activity measurements

Low-background alpha/beta radiometer with silicon detector for low activity measurements of environmental samples.
Designed to measure overall alpha activity and overall beta activity of fresh water, tap water, waste water, soil and other samples of environmental objects.


  • measurement of overall (total) activity of alpha-emitting radionuclides in "thick-shape" and "thin-shape" samples of environmental objects;
  • measurement of total activity of beta-emitting radionuclides in samples of soil, water, on air filters and samples obtained by selective radiochemical extraction methods;
  • measurement of alpha activity of nuclides in samples, which are obtained with radiochemical preparation, by radiometric method (using textbook of methodics);
  • measurement of alpha activity of nuclides in samples, which are obtained with radiochemical preparation, by spectrometric method (using textbook of methodics and spectrometric kit “UMF-Spectrum”).


  • simultaneous measurement of alpha and beta activity of the samples;
  • use of silicon ion-implanted detector, area 500 mm2 or 1000 mm2;
  • active protection against background radiation with the use of gas discharge meters and anticoincidence circuit;
  • passive sample protection against background radiation;
  • mains protection against power supply interference;
  • two-channel counter with timer to count pulses from registered alpha and beta particles;
  • spectrometric signal output;
  • communication with computer via USB/RS-232 interface;
  • software "UMF-2000" for radiometer control, measurement results processing and report printing;
  • determination of nuclides activity (after radiochemical preparation of sample):
    • in soil: Po-210, Sr-90;
    • in water: Po-210, Ra-226, Ra-228;
  • calibration interval - 2 years.


  • designed to measure activities of alpha nuclides by spectrometric method;
  • extra option for the UMF-2000 radiometer.
The Spectrometric Kit and UMF-SPECTRUM software allow you to expand the capabilities of UMF-2000 device and its scope of application by using spectrometric method as well as radiometry. The Spectrometric Kit comes with the textbook of methodics “Measurement of alpha activity of nuclides in “thin-shape” samples with the use of spectrometric method”.

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