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Dosimeter-Radiometer – Survey Meter

Multipurpose modular designed dosimeter-radiometer.
Alpha and beta external probes allow the dosimeter to serve as a contamination monitor.

Purpose and tasks:

  • planned and on-call inspections of radiation environment;
  • measuring of alpha and beta surface activity;
  • scanning for the sources of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials;
  • radiation monitoring of scrap metals, industrial and domestic wastes;
  • radiation and ecological survey at the areas of construction;
  • vehicles and cargo inspections.


  • nuclear power plants and other nuclear energy facilities;
  • radiochemical productions and other facilities using the sources of ionizing radiation;
  • nuclear medicine and PET clinics;
  • metals and mining industry;
  • construction sites;
  • geological prospecting and exploration;
  • customs check-points;
  • Disease Control and Prevention Service.

Modular design

Allows a quick assembling of the device in the necessary configuration:
  • Alpha, beta, gamma or neutron external probe;
  • Hand grip, extension pole or floor/wall pole;
  • Wireless or wired connection.

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