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whole body contamination monitor

Alpha- Beta- Gamma- radioactive contamination monitoring system to measure surface contamination of a whole human body, including face, head, hands, feet, protective clothing, small items and personal belongings.
Personnel gateway system from a controlled zone to a clean zone of nuclear facilities.


Radioactive contamination monitoring of personnel at Nuclear Power Plants and other nuclear related facilities with the presence of radioactive materials.
Personnel access control to/from radiation sanitary protection zones.


  • 23 built-in detectors, 465 sq. cm each, for whole body contamination measurement.
  • Additional built-in detector for small items monitoring.
  • Detachable remote detector clothes/items monitoring (alpha or beta).
  • User friendly interface with graphical touch screen and voice assistant.
  • Immediate indication of measurement result – “clean” or “contaminated”.
  • Exit door is blocked if contamination is detected.
  • Automatic gamma background compensation.
  • Configurable alarm thresholds and doors lock/open logic.
  • Three levels of users access: “Measurement” – for routine operation by personnel, “Engineer” – allows to see additional parameters, “Setup” – allows to configure parameters, alarm thresholds and doors lock/open logic. 
  • Self-check of the detectors condition. 
  • Provision to install personnel ID card reader.
  • Provision to connect to CCTV. 
  • Provision for upper level systems integration (RS-485 interface - MODBUS RTU protocol as well as Ethernet – MODBUS TCP).

Monitor main components:

  • Frame with entrance and exit doors;
  • Built-in detectors;
  • Remote detachable detector for clothing/items (alpha or beta, extra option available on request);
  • Touch screen control panel;
  • Data processing unit.

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