Products Contamination monitors Hand foot clothing contamination monitor RZBA-07D


Hand-foot-clothing contamination monitor

Alpha- Beta- Gamma- radioactive contamination monitor to measure surface contamination of personnel’s hands, feet and protective clothing.
For use in Nuclear Power Plants, Radiological Laboratories, Clinics of Nuclear Medicine and other facilities with the use of radioactive materials.


Operative in-place hand, foot, clothing radioactive contamination monitoring with immediate alert if preconfigured alarm level is exceeded.
Can be used on exit from the controlled zone of nuclear facility to a clean zone.


  • Hand contamination measurement – both hands, both sides simultaneously.
  • Foot contamination measurement – both feet (shoes) simultaneously.
  • Additional remote detector for clothes/items contamination monitoring.
  • Easy operation by personnel of any qualification.
  • User friendly interface with graphical touch screen and voice assistant.
  • Three levels of users access: “Measurement” – for routine operation by personnel, “Engineer” – allows to see additional parameters, “Setup” – allows to configure parameters and alarm thresholds. 
  • Provision for upper level systems integration (RS-485 interface, MODBUS protocol).

Monitor main components:

  • Frame with floor supports and wheels;
  • Touch screen control panel;
  • Two chambers for hands with four built-in detectors;
  • Foot platform with two built-in detectors;
  • Remote detector for clothing (extra option available on request).

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